Walking By Faith—A Historical Summary of Teasley, Saddler, Bradley, Hargro and Davis FamiliesWalking By Faith Front Cover

Know your history, know your worth!

From the fertile lands of the Ivory Coast, the ancestors of Thara Davis McGuire were snatched from villages, shackled and then forced to traverse the Atlantic Ocean without adequate food and water.

The kinsmen who survived the journey spent hundreds of years tending to fields that paled in comparison to their Mother Land. The matriarchs cared for slave owners’ children while their own children toiled and often died without knowing the joys of freedom.

The creativity, strength and familial bonds of her forefathers withstood the adversity resulting in a bloodline of educators, artists and aviators. Filled with photos, vital records and historical narrative, Walking by Faith is not just Thara’s history, it’s your history too.

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