“Come closer, come deeper,” cries the Lord.

Revelations of God’s Love is a cry from the heart of God. He wants you to draw near for an intimate relationship with Him. With a willing heart and surrendered mind, God reveals a Word map that connects His heart and voice with yours. From the beginning of time, He set directions, clues, and landmarks to lead you to an expected end. Use His tools—the Bible, prayer, and worship—to search for the deposits deep within His heart and uncover the ultimate treasure.

In this book, you will discover:

  • signs revealing God and how He knows if you love Him.
  • clues that identify love’s recipe for legitimacy.
  • ten lessons with questions, answers, and activities to drive home Love’s message.

“Gail P. Miller went deep into the Word to uncover how to love yourself through the lens of God.”

—Elder Charles R. Byrd, Ph.D., pastor of Apostolic House of Christ

“Read Revelations of God’s Love to experience the beauty, power, and mystery of God’s passionate love for you.”

—Dr. Diane M. Parks-Love, pastor of Liberated In Christ Ministries, Inc.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9794489-3-5

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