Heart of the PsalmistPraise moves God. Kingdom worship gets results.

Are you a worship leader feeling the pressures of church-burn-out syndrome? Your time is torn between responsibilities at church, work and home. You’re so overwhelmed with commitment that your relationships are crumbling. You have less patience, minimal kindness and absolutely no mercy for anyone. Before you have a complete melt down, you skip a church service, then another and another. After a while, you stop praying. You stop fasting. You stop seeking the face of God.
Worship is an expression of adoration of God’s worth to you. Coming into God’s house with raised hands, singing songs to Him is supposed to be an outward reflection of the inward covenant between you and God. So how do you redefine your worship with God?
As you meditate on the nuggets in The Heart of the Psalmist, you will learn:
  • How to apply the Word of God with power and authority
  • Your weapons of warfare and how to use them against the kingdom of darkness
  • How to prepare yourself for worship beyond the walls of the church
  • The importance of being honest with yourself
  • Who you are in Christ Jesus
  • Tools that transform a good leader into a great leader
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