It All Started When I Stopped Using LotionWhen was the last time YOU were the priority?

During a long-overdue spa visit, Karen shared with the pedicurist that she had developed a callous down the center of her left foot. He examined it and asked a series of questions.

“Do you do a lot of walking?”

“Yes, but I have always walked a lot.”

“How often do you wear high heels?”

“Every day, but I have worn high heels everyday for years.”

“When you take baths, do you use a pumice stone to smooth your feet?”

“When I take baths? A bath? I don’t take baths anymore. I just don’t have the time.”

Wife, mother and entrepreneur, Dr. Karen M.R. Townsend invites you to join her on the journey from “chaos to calm.” After juggling a schedule so hectic that she couldn’t even find the time to put on lotion, she stumbled upon a solution that will help you make a commitment to TiME: Time for ME!

In this book, you will learn

  • How to set boundaries so that others will respect your TiME
  • Creative strategies for saying “NO!” to requests that drain your time and energy
  • The importance of  saying “YES!” to yourself
  • The true meaning of “PMS”
  • Fifty-two ways to put more balance into your life and more!

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9817436-5-3

Retail: $12.95